10 de novembro de 2010

Bahoot Dhanyavaad

President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Mannmohan Singh

The president of the United States of America, Barack Obama, ended his three-day visit to India thankig the hospitality and warm reception from the Indian people with a Bahoot Dhanyavaad, which in Hindi, one of the many official languages of India, means "Thank you very much."

Barack Obama began his visit to India on the city of Mumbai, that in November 26th, 2008 suffered five simultaneous terrorist attacks in which dozens of people died and many more were injured.

In his inaugural speech Obama explained that he chose Mumbai as the first city to be visited by saying, "Are you trying to send a message with this? Absolutely.”

The terrorist attacks suffered by the United States and India brought these two countires closer. With the recent visit of U.S. President to Indian soil, the economic ties, friendship and mutual cooperation between the two became stronger.

Barack Obama was brilliant in all his speeches and saved the best for last. In his last speech he finally addressed the Kashmir issue as well as terrorism in Pakistan; that was all that the Indians wanted to hear and that is exactly what he gave them.

Let us now hope for better days, for a political understanding and agreement between India and Pakistan and for a peaceful future for the downtrodden people of the beautiful and scenic Kashmir.