7 de dezembro de 2010



I have humbly kneeled and prayed for God in mosques, in Hindu temples, in Jain temples, in Buddhists pagodas, in Sikhs gurudwaras, in a Bahai house, in SRF/YSS ashrams, in Christian churches of many denominations as Baptist, Catholic, Seven Day Adventist, Pentecostal, Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and so on just to mention a few.

Yes, I have my own faith and religion. I’m not a lost soul in this world. So why do I pray for God in all those places when I visit them? Because God is Omnipresent. He is everywhere for He has created this world. It all emanates from Him.

One who has understood this truth knows that he/she can find God in all worship places prepared for Him.

When human beings will realize God’s omnipresence the world will finally find some peace.