2 de junho de 2011

Romantic Mourning


Mourning is a natural reaction and a slow and painful process of adjustment following a significant loss we suffered in life.

Mourning is felt not only when a loved one dies. Having a toy that you loved, lost, stolen or destroyed, at 6 years of age, or a dog killed by a car, are also forms of mourning. Doesn’t matter if it is an inanimate object or an animal, what matters is that they had great meaning in that person's life and it was a loss, and as such, capable of the same feelings of pain and anguish of mourning.

Other significant losses that may also generate pain and anguish as in a mourning are: Disability after a casualty, loss of any part of the body (hand, leg, foot, arm), a mastectomy, loss of vision, a rape and even loss of a job.

For many people, other forms of losses may include, losing hope in a goal that the person had set for himself, shifting to a new house, city, state, country or suffering an economic ruin. These events are considered losses that generate anguish feelings as in mourning.

Romantic Mourning

Romantic Mourning is accompanied by such an intense pain that it seems it will never go away and we cannot live without the company of the lost loved one.

Besides being extremely painful, romantic mourning creates great emotional and physical distress.

The breakup of a close loving relationship, whether by divorce, separation or abandonment, carries a feeling of such deep sorrow, that according to psychologists, this is the second most important type of painful and tragic loss that a person can endures.

Allow yourself to feel the pain, anguish, guilt and fear, so that these feelings can be naturally digested and by doing so, allow the wound to heal within the normal range and this way will not turn into obsession.