11 de junho de 2011

Slow Suicide

Slow Suicide

We all know that suicide is the act of ending one's own life.

Usually, when one talks about or a news is published about a suicide, we find phrases like, “jumped off from the bridge”, “hung himself”, “cut his wrists”, etc.

There are many ways to kill one’s self. Generally, the concept of suicide ingrained in our unconscious, is the deliberate and abrupt act of ceasing one’s existence. However, we must always remember that suicide may also be a slow process, that most people who practice it are not aware of it.

A person who suffers from diabetes and still insists on eating carbohydrates and sugars is practicing Slow Suicide. The same applies to a person with high levels of "bad" cholesterol, and keep on eating fried and fatty foods.

Smokers, drug users, alcoholics, all of them practice Slow Suicide, as they shorten their life span by not giving the necessary importance to their health.

Slow Suicide is also practiced by people with emotional / psychological problems, which do not give adequate attention to their condition, for example it is not healthy to have panic attacks. Panic Disorder causes shivering, sweating, decreased of the visual field, palpitations and other physical symptoms that over a period of time will wears down the person's body.

In a broad way, we can say that Slow Suicide is practiced by all that in spite of knowing they have health problems or unhealthy lifestyles, they continue to act in a childish way, ignoring their problem, be it physical or mental, as if it did not exist, and by so doing, they shorten their years of life on this planet.

If Slow Suicide is a new concept for you, please stop and think about it.

Check whether you or a loved one is practicing Slow Suicide; if the answer is ‘yes’, do something to reverse this situation.

Actually, we all know what is right and what is wrong, and what is the best path to follow.

Committing Slow suicide ... are you sure that is what you want for yourself?