20 de junho de 2011



Although we all know what we should do in our studies, work, social life, family life etc, it is natural for human beings to expect recognition for the tasks well done.

In psychology this recognition is known as Validation.

Everyone becomes happy to receive a validation. Validation is good for the soul and the ego of the person; it increases self-esteem and sense of worth of its recipient.

There are several forms of validation. Validation ranges from a simple praise, words of encouragement, Merit medals, certificates, awards, trophies, gifts, as well as various forms of incentives.

All parents should learn the importance of validation and should validate their children when they get or do something with good results. This attitude encourages children and makes them more self-reliant.

Validation is also important in a love relationship. The wife praising good pasta or a delicious barbecue prepared by her husband is a validation. This type of validation helps in sustaining a long lasting marriage.

The teacher writing "Congratulations!" in the exam or in a school work well done by his student is a form of validation that is sure to make the student happy, no matter what her age is. This validation encourages her to continue her studies in the best possible way.

Validation legitimizes, confers value, confirms, emphasizes, recognizes and enhances the other person. It is one of the best things we can give to someone, as by doing so, we raise their self-esteem and we give them confidence to continue doing their best.

The big corporations are well aware of the importance of validation and therefore they promote annual awards and even monthly awards as "employee of the month" as a way to stimulate the employees and thus increasing productivity.

Go on, through your life, validating....