5 de outubro de 2014

The True Story of Dussehra

The True Story of Dussehra


Everything started long time ago in an uncivilized and extremely chauvinistic land situated in the Asian subcontinent known as India.


Destiny made a young girl fall in love for two brothers. Her name was Shoorpanakha and like every girl, all she wanted was to have a husband that she loved, get married and be happily ever after.


Most unfortunately those two brothers were bullies and very bad at heart. Particularly the one called Lakshamana, as he was extremely frustrated because he lusted his brother's wife, Sita.


Lakshamana received a marriage proposal from Shoorpanakha but he refused as he could only think about Sita; so Shoorpanakha asked Rama, the other brother, to marry her. Rama was happy with his wife Sita and also refused it.


In a nervous breakdown so common to women in their PMS, Shoorpanakha wished she could kill Sita. When Lakshamana heard about this he totally lost control one hundred times worse than Shoorpanakha, and he showed his true nature by cutting off Shoorpanakha’s nose and both ears.


At that time plastic surgery had not yet been discovered so poor Shoorpanakha had to live the rest of her life looking like a monster without her ears and nose. Now we all know how appearance is important to women. Shoorpanakha could hide the lack of ears by covering up with a long hair, but what about the nose? No way, Jose!


Due to the cruelty of Lakshamana, the poor girl could never get married and had a huge psychological trauma that not even the most potent antidepressant medicines and 10 years of therapy could help her! The same still happens in India nowadays, but the cruelty format has changed. Now Indian men prefer throwing acid on the girl’s face blinding her and deforming her for life!!!


Thankfully, Shoorpanakha was not alone in this world. She had a very nice brother named Ravana.


Ravana was born with a birth defect. He had ten heads for only one body. Instead of empathizing and taking pity on Ravana, both extremely cruel brothers, Rama and Lakshamana, used to bully him night and day, non-stop.


Ravana spent his whole life with people making fun of him. Only a person that has been bullied before or that has been born with some physical defect will be able to understand how bad it feels to be constantly bullied!


In order to defend himself emotionally, Ravana had to develop a strong personality and hence try to overcome his deformity; this is a common defense mechanism.


When he saw his sister all mutilated by the cruel Lakshamana, he knew exactly how people would bully her and how horrible she would feel not only physically but also emotionally. Hence he decide to revenge his sister by kidnapping Sita, Rama’s wife, and taking her to an island named Sri Lanka, located off the southern coast of India in South Asia at latitude 7.5653° N  and longitude 80.4303° E.


To make a long story short, as this is NOT a book or a movie script, although you were all engrossed reading it, (yes I know you cannot deny it! ), I must conclude saying that after paying bribe to a monkey to build a makeshift bridge to go rescue Sita. Everything works wonderfully with bribe here in India. Rama felt betrayed that Sita was all happy and enjoying Sri Lanka, as there they have much more monsoon rain than in the north of India that is extremely hot during summers with temperatures reaching up to 50 degrees Celsius, Deshearted, Rama made Sita set herself on fire, (as Indians do in a gruesome ritual called sati when the husband dies and the wife is burnt alive together with the husband’s body), to prove her innocence.


As Indian women, besides being disgustingly hairy, are also extremely submissive, Sita did as her monster husband Rama requested. What no one knew was that besides being a bully Rama was also a sadistic hence he requested Sita for a second time to set herself on fire, just to show off to society, as Indians love to do it; but this time she had enough and…….


And believe or not, Hindus celebrate every year all this horror by elaborately making gigantic figures of Ravana and burning him down, just because he tried to revenge the injuries done to his sister by the sadistic brothers Rama and Lakshamana. They accuse Ravana of being a demon only because he was born with a birth defect of having 10 heads for a single body.


Dussehra propagates violence and zero tolerance and empathy for the suffering of others!